Engineers as Loner-Loser-Uncultured-Geeks - Not!

Remember being shunned at college (at least in England) for being an engineer (or scientist) by the oh so trendy arts and humanities crowd? I do. We geeks were characterized as uncultured loners and losers. Well I've been re-examining the evidence and I think we should have stood our ground and turned this whole loner-loser-uncultured-geek thing on its head and fired it right back at the arts and humanities posse.

Engineers Did This: Apollo 11 Moon LandingEngineers Did This: Apollo 11 Moon Landing

CFD Novice to Expert Part 7: CFD 201

Hopefully you had a successful time simulating your application with the advice served up in "CFD Novice to Expert Part 6: CFD For Your Application." Before I finish up this 7 part series I want to offer some parting thoughts on where and how best to use CFD within a product design cycle.

CFD Novice to Expert Part 6: CFD For Your Application

With the grounding you now have in fluid dynamics, CFD, and some quality hands-on CFD time thanks to "CFD Novice to Expert Part 5: Hands-on CFD," now is the time to put it all together and focus on your specific application. Here we go with part 6, the penultimate part, in this 7-part series.

CFD Simulation Around a Pickup TruckCFD Simulation Around a Pickup Truck

CFD Novice to Expert Part 5: Hands-on CFD

I bet you've had enough theory with our previous article "CFD Novice to Expert Part 4: CFD 101." Are you ready to fire up your CFD software for the first time and take it for a test drive? Then let's get on with part 5 of this 7-part series.

Pipe into a Box Flow TutorialPipe into a Box Flow Tutorial

CFD Novice to Expert Part 4: CFD 101

Great to see that you are sticking with the series. After the previous article "CFD Novice to Expert Part 3: Fluid Dynamics 201" you are now rapidly approaching halfway, with this being part 4 of this 7 part series.

CFD Cyclone Simulation: Shows streamlinesCFD Cyclone Simulation: Shows streamlines

CFD Novice to Expert Part 3: Fluid Dynamics 201

Back for more fluid dynamics? I know - the brief introduction in "CFD Novice to Expert Part2: Fluid Dynamics 101" was good, but it only skimmed the surface, so onwards with part 3 of this 7-part series.

Turbulent SmokeTurbulent Smoke

CFD Novice to Expert Part 2: Fluid Dynamics 101

Hopefully you were suitably inspired by "CFD Novice to Expert Part 1: Get Inspired" and that's why you are here now ready for part 2 of this 7-part series.

CFD Novice to Expert Part 1: Get Inspired

Say you've come up with an idea that can solve the energy crisis by reducing the drag of cars by X%, but how to proceed? Whichever way you turn you keep coming across the same phrase - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - with the almost fantastical claim that it can, in large part, replace expensive physical modeling techniques such as wind tunnels - but still, how to proceed? Money and time are tight, but you're talking about solving the energy crisis for the good of humanity. There simply has to be a way to proceed. Enough already - let's proceed with part 1 of this 7-part series.

Inspiration: Airflow Around a Rocket CarInspiration: Airflow Around a Rocket Car

April Fools - Caedium is not on the iPad

You probably guessed that yesterday was April Fools' Day and in the spirit of fake news we announced that our unified simulation environment, Caedium, was available for the eagerly awaited iPad. Well sorry to disappoint, but we don't have a version of Caedium for the iPad - at least not yet - who knows what the future holds though.

Caedium on the iPad

Following hot on the heals of the recent Caedium release for the Mac, Caedium will also be available on the iPad when it is released on Saturday (April 3, 2010). In a worlds first, iPad users will be able to perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations from the comfort of their sofa on the worlds most "magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price." The iPad version of Caedium makes full use of the multi-touch iPad interface, which enables you to control the actual fluid in the simulation in order to guide it to the answer you desire.

Caedium on iPadCaedium on iPad

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