October 2010

No particular theme this month, but some interesting updates never-the-less. With the F1 in Schools World Finals over I can reveal the CFD work I did for the Australian team Basilisk Performance in their bid to become world champions. Also hot from the Symscape lab you can read about performing Caedium CFD simulations in the cloud. To round out this month's news I have also posted a new tip on simulation controls.

F1 in Schools World Finals CFD SimulationF1 in Schools World Finals CFD Simulation

F1 in Schools World Finals CFD Analysis

Brett Sizeland and his Basilisk Performance team won the Australian F1 in Schools title in March 2010, helped by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations performed in Caedium Professional. However, it doesn't end there, by winning the Australian title the team qualified for the F1 in Schools World Finals to be held September 20-22, 2010 in Singapore. Without pausing for breath, Brett set about designing a new car, with help again provided by Caedium CFD simulations. Read more...

CFD in the Azure Cloud

The term 'Cloud Computing' is a rather nebulous term that is open to interpretation, filling some with fear and others with delight. So in an effort to define what the cloud could mean for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, we undertook a feasibility study to see how to couple Caedium with a cloud-based CFD simulation service. We chose to harness the strength of Caedium's interactive simulation setup and results visualization by keeping them close to the user on a local machine, and then outsourcing the intensive numerical CFD simulation as a Windows Azure cloud service. Read more...

Run, Stop, and Lock Controls

Simulation control in Caedium revolves around the Run, Stop, and Lock toggle buttons on the Home toolbar. This tip describes how you can use these controls to interact with the simulation. Read more...

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