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November 2013: CFD Takes Flight

This month we shine a light on wings with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies of racecar wing mounts and maple seeds, which are also known in aerodynamic circles as mono-wing seed delivery systems.

CFD Simulation of a Racecar with a 'Swan Neck' Wing MountCFD Simulation of a Racecar with a 'Swan Neck' Wing MountSurface velocity magnitude contours

October 2013: CFD Speaks

When Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) speaks it usually has interesting things to say. Our feature this month is a CFD study of car aerodynamics. Also you can browse a selection of general interest blog posts - one even relates to dinosaurs! Finally, listen to a podcast interview, "Rich Smith on CFD that won't break the bank", I did with Jeff Waters (Life Upfront blog) on the founding of Symscape and the development of Caedium, which targets small engineering consultancies.

CFD Simulation of a Car with a WingCFD Simulation of a Car with a WingVelocity contours and streamline arrows

September 2013: CFD Applied to an Airliner, Wind Erosion, and a Pitot Tube

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is widely applicable across many industries and applications. For example, check out this month's series of blog posts that cover the aerodynamics of an airliner, the wind erosion of the Great Sphinx at Giza, and the multiphase simulation of a combined pitot tube and manometer - each is highlighted by a Caedium Professional CFD simulation.

Caedium CFD Simulation of an AirlinerCaedium CFD Simulation of an AirlinerStreamlines colored by velocity magnitude

August 2013: Wind Tunnel CFD Feature Edition

This month I have a special feature newsletter for you that gathers together all the recent wind tunnel Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) blog posts, including a new two part series which compares a virtual wind tunnel with free air for an open wheel racecar. The Caedium Professional simulations show that even though the Reynolds number is different between the wind tunnel and a full size simulation, the results can still be useful in guiding the aerodynamic design of a racecar.

CFD Simulation of a Racecar in a Wind TunnelCFD Simulation of a Racecar in a Wind TunnelStreamlines, vectors, and velocity magnitude contours

July 2013: Virtual Wind Tunnel, Quadcopter and 3D Printing

Another new Caedium release and some interesting Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications - all in a month? That's right! You'll find a couple of new Caedium features that we couldn't hold back and a series of blog posts covering a virtual wind tunnel, a quadcopter, and 3D printing.

Airflow Through the Virtual Wind Tunnel FanAirflow Through the Virtual Wind Tunnel FanStreamlines colored by velocity magnitude

June 2013: Caedium v5 in Action

I hope you've had time to try the new Caedium v5 release announced last month. To help your transition to v5 we have updated all the Caedium tutorials and related documentation. With a new release there's no time like the present to put it through its paces - which is exactly what you'll find in this selection of blog posts.

Caedium CFD Simulation Around an ElephantCaedium CFD Simulation Around an Elephant

May 2013: Caedium v5.0 Released

Caedium v5.0 is ready and waiting for your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) pleasure. The highlight of this release is Python scripting to automate your CFD simulations. To celebrate the release, enjoy this special edition newsletter that collects together the official announcement and all the sneak peeks of the new features available in Caedium v5.0.

Caedium v5.0 with Python ScriptingCaedium v5.0 with Python ScriptingAutomated CFD simulations for parameterized pipe radius

April 2013: Sneak Peek at the Caedium Enhanced Accuracy Tool

We are still posting sneak peeks of the next release of Caedium, which can only mean one thing - we are rapidly approaching its release date. This month we can share a sneak peek at the enhanced Accuracy tool. Also, it being April, I can share the details of this year's Symscape April Fools' Day prank, though I'm sure you weren't fooled. Finally catch up with the latest news on the GPU acceleration available in Caedium that I presented at the recent GPU Technology Conference.

Enhanced Caedium Accuracy ToolEnhanced Caedium Accuracy ToolMax size applied to Ahmed Body

March 2013: Sneak Peek at Caedium Ribbon GUI

The big news in Symscape-land is the new ribbon GUI that will be making its debut in the next release of the Caedium CFD software system - check out the picture below. As a follow up to last month's announcement of the new polyhedral mesh conversion option coming soon to Caedium, find out how polyhedral elements perform relative to tetrahedral and hexahedral elements. Then for easy reading you have my latest blog post.

Caedium Ribbon GUICaedium Ribbon GUI

February 2013: Sneak Peek at Caedium v5

Clearly it's time we revealed what you can look forward to in the next release of the Caedium CFD software system. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and read all about the new polyhedral (dual) mesh feature in Caedium v5 that will save you time and increase the accuracy of your results. Still have a free moment? Then enjoy my latest blog posts.

Polyhedral Volume Mesh SlicePolyhedral Volume Mesh Slice

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