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June 2011

Hope you are ready for another sneak peek at the next Caedium (v3) release - this time with help from Microsoft. Also in this month's newsletter you'll find summaries of my latest blog posts.

Multiple Caedium CFD Simulations Bursting to AzureMultiple Caedium CFD Simulations Bursting to Azure

May 2011

This month we continue our sneak peek of the next Caedium (v3) release. In other news, we have released a new, free GPL library for OpenFOAM®, posted a new tutorial, and added a couple of new blog posts.

Info Tool ReportSneak Peek of an Info Tool Report in Caedium v3

April 2011

Ready for another sneak peek at the next Caedium (V3) release? Great, then you have come to the right place. Have you seen our new CFD Emporium and wonder what it is all about? Doubly great, you are still in the right place! Also I have the usual teasers from my recent blog posts, including a special April Fools' post - were you fooled?

COLLADA Import Sneak PeekCaedium COLLADA Import Sneak Peek

March 2011

I know what you are thinking - that news on the next major release of Caedium (V3) has been scarce, so how about I offer up a sneak peek of one new feature this month? Rest assured that there will be plenty of other exciting new features too. Also check out the teasers for my recent blog posts.

Multi-Block Structured MeshSneak Peek of a Multi-Block Structured Mesh Created in Caedium v3

February 2011

There's something for everyone this month, with a CFD simulation of a solar panel, a couple of new articles, and 3 new blog posts. In other news, have you noticed our new slogan? We've replaced our long serving slogan Computer-Aided Engineering for All with Computational Fluid Dynamics for All, which we feel better reflects our reason for being.

Air Flow over Solar PanelsCaedium CFD Simulation of Air Flow Over a Solar PanelMounted on a shed roof

January 2011

Happy New Year, and to celebrate we have a new website design for you, with numerous improvements. See if you can spot them without being prompted, or just keep reading and all will be revealed. In other news, the January edition of Racecar Engineering ran a feature article on Caedium. And to round out this update, we have a couple of fun new videos and a varied selection of blog posts.

December 2010

Happy Holidays! Just before we say goodbye to 2010, here's my final news blast of the year. Keep reading for details on the new high-quality movie creation capability added to Caedium. See how Caedium Professional provided the cover CFD simulation on a popular textbook. Then finally, check out a dazzling fluid dress, ideal to garner attention at that New Year's Eve party.

Electronics Cooling CFD SimulationMovie Frame: Created by Caedium, rendered by POV-Ray

November 2010

Have you been following along with the F1 in Schools story? It started way back in February with the first Caedium CFD analysis of Basilisk Performance's CO2 rocket-powered dragster. Now we have the concluding episode with the team's results from the F1 in Schools 2010 World Finals. Also noteworthy this month: we have added a tip on Caedium's particles, and you'll find a couple of new blog posts.

Basilisk Performance Team and Booth Basilisk Performance Team and Booth

October 2010

No particular theme this month, but some interesting updates never-the-less. With the F1 in Schools World Finals over I can reveal the CFD work I did for the Australian team Basilisk Performance in their bid to become world champions. Also hot from the Symscape lab you can read about performing Caedium CFD simulations in the cloud. To round out this month's news I have also posted a new tip on simulation controls.

F1 in Schools World Finals CFD SimulationF1 in Schools World Finals CFD Simulation

September 2010

The dual themes of this month's newsletter are updates and videos. You'll find updates from OpenFOAM®1 1.6.x to 1.7.x for both Caedium and our OpenFOAM for Windows source code patch. And you'll find videos related to Caedium on our new YouTube channel. Also I have a new blog post on something close to all of our hearts - CFD pricing.

Symscape YouTube ChannelSymscape YouTube Channel

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