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December 2008

The Caedium RANS Flow add-on development continues; this month we completed support for natural convection for heat transfer with buoyancy and compressible flow. For a sneak peek at a buoyancy-driven flow see the image below. We've also added a new tip on our website for the Accuracy tool and discussed how Computer-Aided Engineering analysis tools relate to product design.

November 2008

It's taking a little longer than we originally anticipated developing the next major release of Caedium. However, I'm sure once you see the final product you'll agree it was well worth the wait. Read on for a development update.

October 2008

This month we have a couple of newsworthy developments here at Symscape: the inclusion of Caedium in a recent Desktop Engineering article; and the update of a source code patch for OpenFOAM v1.5.x in support of our upcoming Caedium RANS Flow add-on.

September 2008

The next major Caedium release (v2) is progressing well. Finally we can share with you some details - as long as you promise not to tell anyone.

August 2008

Development continues on our next major release. Hopefully within the next month or two we'll be ready to make a full announcement. In the meantime we've expanded our file downloads and added a new screencast to our examples on our website. You'll also find a new article on dimensionless numbers.

July 2008

This month we have a visual theme for you. We've expanded our Caedium tutorial tips with lesser known, but useful, Caedium visual features. For those eagerly awaiting news on our OpenFOAM add-on, we can report that development is progressing well.

June 2008

After a brief vacation we are back hard at work on our OpenFOAM Caedium add-on. As a sneak peek of our OpenFOAM integration effort check out the preliminary properties panel for a fluid flow inlet boundary condition shown in the screenshot below.

May 2008

While development continues on our OpenFOAM-Caedium integration there isn't much to show or report, so we thought this a good time to share with you a few lesser known Symscape website features.

April 2008

We have two news items to share with you this month: we've moved our website to a more reliable hosting service; and we are investigating an OpenFOAM Caedium add-on. For the full scoop read-on.

March 2008

It was a relatively quiet month here at Symscape, at least in contrast to the effort required last month to release Linux and Windows versions of Caedium. Still, we've updated our website with a new streamlined free trial request and added new content. We are also in the process of planning our next release and we're looking for your help.

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