Caedium 5.0.0 Release Notes

The latest Caedium release has a range of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. The main theme of this release is improved interaction through the introduction of scripting and the new tabbed toolbar GUI.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Improved Interaction
    • Automate repetitive tasks and perform parameter studies with Python script recording and playback
    • Interact with a more intuitive GUI using ribbon-like tabbed toolbars
    • Link multiple simulations to control them as a group with the option to run them simultaneously
    • Undo and redo multiple levels in a single operation
    • Select standard Fit-All views, such as front and back
    • Use a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse to control the view on Windows. 3Dconnexion Space Navigator donation credit: Per Hassel Sørensen, University of Stavanger, Norway
    • Transfer your license to another computer by first deactivating it on your current computer
  • More Physics
    • Realize faster and more robust simulation convergence using the polyhedral (dual mesh) conversion option [RANS Flow]
    • Control the mesh size across many entities using a maximum element size for the Accuracy tool [RANS Flow|Panel Flow]
    • Set time dependent boundary conditions for primary variables, such as velocity [RANS Flow]
    • Set a partial slip condition for a wall boundary condition [RANS Flow]
    • Use the latest NVIDIA CUDA 5.0 release with support of the Kepler architecture for the CUDA GPU linear solver option [RANS Flow]
  • Updated Translations
    • French, credit: Pierre Castellani, TEOtech
    • German, credit: Gregor Matl and Niklas Hagenow
    • Italian, credit: Giampiero Porro, Datamed srl
    • Japanese, credit: Sei-Ichi Tanabe-Tanabu, Visual Technology
    • Portuguese (Brazil), credit: Fernando Prevedello, XCAE
    • Spanish

Bug Fixes

  • Printing a view with axes sometimes resulted in missing letters (XYZ) and an extra ghost axes
  • Could not close windows with cross button on Linux
  • Could not refresh imported image
  • Could not display print preview on Mac OS X
  • Export dialog did not remember last used file extension in a session
  • Stitch face for a particular geometry caused a crash [Builder]
  • Volume mesh element size extended beyond the bounds of the volume [RANS Flow|Panel Flow]
  • Incompressible flow heat-flux boundary condition specification and scalar field results were represented as heat-flux/rho [RANS Flow]
  • Trying to mesh a faceted face with a single degenerate facet caused a crash [RANS Flow|Panel Flow]
  • Product activate dialog runtime key field was sometimes covered
  • Requesting area on a non-substance face caused a crash [RANS Flow|Panel Flow]
  • Parallel mouse wheel zoom was inaccurate
  • Stitch volume for a particular faceted geometry caused a crash [Builder]
  • Membranes with shared edges were not creating shadow edges [Builder]
  • TFI did not account for non-hex connected volumes [RANS Flow|Panel Flow]
  • Plot legend icons did not fit within the icon extent and some colors had halos
  • VRML export did not preserve color map surfaces and corrupted the Caedium view [Viz Export]
  • Property expand icon was stretched vertically on Windows
  • Particular project files opened in Caedium as a viewer (no add-ons activated) caused a crash
  • k-kl-omega results did not match simple boundary layer laminar-turbulent transition [RANS Flow]

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