When I create a new substance it is shown in Physics/Substances however after I save the file and re-open the it the new substance is not listed under Substances. How do I save and keep a new substance that I create?

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Use a script to record new substance creation

News substances are not saved. To recreate a substance:

  1. Toggle File->Record (script) and supply a script name to start recording a script
  2. Create the new substance
  3. Toggle File->Record to stop the recording
  4. File->Play to play the script to recreate the substance

If you are on Windows you need to have installed Python and set the File->Preference, Application->Python property to the location of the python executable, e.g., D:\Python33\python.

If you want to have the script run on startup for each Caedium session then set the preference Application->Python->Startup Script to your script name with the full path. Make sure the script works correctly otherwise Caedium will not initialize correctly.

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