Caedium Exchange

Caedium Exchange uses widely supported STEP, IGES and faceted file formats for you to share geometry with other people and other programs.

Try our Caedium Professional add-on for a complete Computational Fluid Dynamics software system that includes this add-on and others - for details check out our Caedium Product Comparison chart.

Import analytic geometry-based formats:

Import faceted-based formats:

If you do create your geometry using Caedium (requires Builder add-on) you can export the geometry in STEP, IGES, and STL formats for import into another program. To export in the Alias/Wavefront format try our Viz Export add-on.

With our Faceted Geometry Technology in combination with our Flexile Technology you can create hybrid models that mix faceted and analytic geometry for CFD simulations.

Caedium Exchange is an add-on to Caedium.

Download and view our free sample files:


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