Analysis Techniques

An analysis technique or algorithm, in the context of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software, is typically an iterative set of instructions that, when given geometry, boundary conditions and initial conditions, calculates quantities of interest such as velocity and force.

Airflow Through a VenturiAirflow Through a Venturi

Most techniques require a discrete representation of the geometry known as a mesh or grid.

Two broad groups of analysis techniques, are widely used:

While volume-based techniques are typically more general, they require significantly more computer resources (time and memory) compared to surface-based techniques.

Many CAE vendors claim to be full-spectrum providers of a specific discipline (e.g. fluid dynamics), but what they really mean is that they provide an extensive range of features related to a single analysis technique, such as finite-volume. Caedium aims to provide a real choice via a toolbox of techniques that allow trade-offs between turnaround time and accuracy suitable for use during concept design analysis.