Aerodynamics News: Cars, Flying Machines, and Bill Nye

Aerodynamics news blast coming your way. Lots of car related news, along with small (nano) and large (airliner) flying machines, and rounded out by news of a Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Kickstarter flight game.

I Spy the New Ferrari Enzo (F70)

Ferrari Releases First Photos Of Its Enzo Replacement (F70)

Aerodynamics have played a large role in dictating the design of the new Enzo, though the overall aesthetics haven't been overlooked. Read more >>

Pirelli’s Tires for 2013 F1 Season to Change Aerodynamics

Paul Hembery, the motorsport director of Pirelli tires, has stated that their new tires for the next F1 season will change the aerodynamics of the cars. Read more >>

More Power and Aerodynamics for WTCC 2014 Regulations

Today the FIA revealed details on modifications for the S2000 regulations set for introduction in 2014. The basics are more power, less weight, and more aerodynamic devices on the cars. Read more >>

Chevrolet Teases 2014 Corvette's Aerodynamics

Without giving too much away, Chevrolet's latest teaser of the 2014 Corvette shows engineers testing the sports car's aerodynamics in a wind tunnel. Read more >>

'All-New' Solar Car Set to Take on the World in 2013

Students in the Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) team have come up with a completely new design for a solar car in their attempt to win the 2013 World Solar Challenge. Lighter than any previous competitor it also features a more aerodynamic shape. Read more >>

Aerodynamics For Dirt Racers

Kyle Strickler shares the aero tricks he incorporates into his Dirt Modified race car. Read more >>

Engineer Looks to Dragonflies, Bats for Flight Lessons

Hui Hu, an Iowa State University associate professor of aerospace engineering, said there hasn't been a need to understand the airflow, the eddies and the spinning vortices created by flapping wings and so there haven't been many engineering studies of small-scale flight. But that's changing. Read more >>

Exclusive Look Inside the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Slender as scythes and flicked up at their ends in rakish quiffs, the wings are things of great beauty and wondrous aerodynamics. In flight they flex like diving boards: as they have a 197ft span, the spectacle is dramatic. Read more >>

Bill Nye Kickstarts a Game to Teach Kids About Aerodynamics

US science educator and TV host Bill Nye has opened a Kickstarter for an iPad game that teaches kids about the physics of flight. Read more >>