Aerodynamics News: Trucks, Racecars, and Bikes

Another news blast, this time with an aerodynamics theme. Read on to discover how trucks can be more efficient, how racecars and bikes can go faster, and how to make a stunning McLaren ad. Hint - it's all down to aerodynamics.

Making of an Aerodynamics Themed McLaren AdScroll to the bottom of the page to see the finished ad

Formula for Success - Aerodynamics

"Aerodynamics is the start, middle and the end of whether a car is quick," Lotus F1 team technical director James Allison explains. Read more >>

ATDynamics Wins Technology Innovation Award

ATDynamics, supplier of tractor-trailer rear-drag aerodynamics technology, has been awarded the 2012 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award (in the Transportation category) for its "TrailerTail" line of rear-drag aerodynamic technologies. Read more >>

2013 Honda CBR600RR – First Look

New MotoGP-inspired bodywork is claimed to reduce aerodynamic drag over the previous model by 6.5 percent. Honda says this "newly found aerodynamic efficiency" has not only improved handling agility, but offers better wind deflection for enhanced rider comfort. Read more >>

NASCAR's 2013 car: Work continues to find right aero balance, enhance passing

NASCAR is searching for an aerodynamic package that will work. Read more >>

Nissan Disrupts Race Logic With Its DeltaWing Scores 5th In Atlanta

What the DeltaWing achieves in terms of performance basically boils down to a lighter weight, better aerodynamics and something else if you've observed the pictures. Its strange wheel configuration. Read more >>

McLaren P1 Ad