Background on the Caedium v6.0 Release

Let's first address the elephant in the room - it's been a while since the last Caedium release. The multi-substance infrastructure for the Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) capability was a much larger effort than I anticipated and consumed a lot of resources. This lead to the relative quiet you may have noticed on our website. However, with the new foundation laid and solid we can look forward to a bright future.

Conjugate Heat Transfer Through a Water-Air RadiatorConjugate Heat Transfer Through a Water-Air Radiator
Simulation shows separate air and water streamline paths colored by temperature

The irony of this release is that from the outside looking in through the GUI there isn't much to show for the new CHT feature. There is a new layout for the Physics tool palette and a couple of new tools. Take my word for it, under the covers plenty changed.

In this release we have also assessed some of the features that have not proved as popular as we anticipated. With this in mind we deprecated Caedium on Linux and the cloud-based acceleration.

I hope what we now have in place can serve us well in the future without any extended quiet periods again.