Computer-Aided Engineering Industry Observers

Are you interested in staying up to date with the latest Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) news in fields such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)? Then consider signing up with some of the leading CAE and CFD industry observers.

Cadalyst CoversCadalyst Covers

CAE Industry

The CAE industry is large by any measure you want to use, populated by many companies from all corners of the planet offering software products and consultation services. As with all large, dispersed industries there are industry watchers that attempt to make sense of it all. A couple of well respected publications that offer free magazine subscriptions are:

Cadalyst - provides business, technology and product reports for, amongst others, the CAE industry

Desktop Engineering - provides a tighter focus than Cadalyst on MCAD/CAM and Analysis/CAE industries

Don't despair if they won't give you a free printed subscription, you can still access the same articles on their websites.

Another CAD industry watcher and prolific author of CAD books is Ralph Grabowski. He maintains (amongst others) the website upFront.eZine where he has his finger on the rapid pulse of the CAD and CAE industries, including weekly news, insights and opinions.

CFD Industry

There are also more specific CAE segment observers. For CFD enthusiasts there are 2 leading websites dedicated to bringing all things CFD together:

CFD-Online - hosts forums, a job database, news, links and more, all specific to the CFD industry

CFD Review - a clearing house for CFD industry news, support and information (a CFD-specific version of Slashdot)

The primary method by which most industry observers make a living is through advertising. So you should expect to see plenty of advertising and company sponsored articles and press-releases in these resources. Still, you'll find they are great places to view product offerings side by side and read product reviews.

Symscape Blog

Of course there's also this Symscape Blog, where I too try to make sense of the CAE industry and bring you interesting developments in engineering that are relevant to CAE simulations.