The Caedium Screencasts

Recently I've been busy recording Caedium screencasts, which you'll find sprinkled among our tutorials. Maybe you've seen them? If not, the entire series is listed below. Now, where's your popcorn?

The feature-length screencast pilot is based on the "Pipe into a Box" and "Incompressible Flow Through a Pipe into a Box" tutorials. See how easy it is to perform CFD simulations with Caedium:

The "Essentials Manual" includes an introduction to Caedium:

Included in "Tools" is a screencast about using tools in Caedium:

Two screencasts are included in "Camera View Control and Entity Selection." The first one describes interaction control in Caedium:

And the second screencast outlines the techniques available in Caedium to select geometry and other entities:

Is there anything else related to Caedium that requires the screencast treatment? Leave a comment below if you have a suggestion.