Caedium v5 Sneak Peek: Ribbon GUI

The next release of the Caedium CFD software system will have a new combined menu and toolbar often referred to as a ribbon.

Caedium Ribbon on WindowsCaedium Ribbon on Windows

The ribbon was popularized by Microsoft in its "Fluent User Interface" (interesting name if you are familiar with CFD software) for Office 2007 and subsequent releases.

Caedium Ribbon on Mac OS XCaedium Ribbon on Mac OS X

The Caedium ribbon provides tabs to access various groups of button controls. Each button has an icon and description text. Also you will see larger buttons for the latest high definition displays.

Caedium Ribbon on LinuxCaedium Ribbon on Linux


Caedium v5 Released

For the full story on the Caedium v5 release see "Automate CFD Simulations with Python Scripting"