CFD Novice to Expert Part 1: Get Inspired

Say you've come up with an idea that can solve the energy crisis by reducing the drag of cars by X%, but how to proceed? Whichever way you turn you keep coming across the same phrase - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - with the almost fantastical claim that it can, in large part, replace expensive physical modeling techniques such as wind tunnels - but still, how to proceed? Money and time are tight, but you're talking about solving the energy crisis for the good of humanity. There simply has to be a way to proceed. Enough already - let's proceed with part 1 of this 7-part series.

Inspiration: Airflow Around a Rocket CarInspiration: Airflow Around a Rocket Car

Get Inspired

Fluid dynamics is challenging - there's just no way around it. But CFD is steeped in fluid dynamics principles, so you need to first acquire a basic grasp of fluid dynamics to proceed. Hence, it's time to get inspired by the beauty and complexity of fluids to keep you motivated for the long haul to see this endeavor through to the end.

If you haven't already, I recommend reviewing "The Complexity and Beauty of Fluid Dynamics," then enjoy a leisurely wander through our Rendered Gallery, and, if you are still looking for more inspiration, finish up with the efluids media gallery.

Stay tuned for part 2 - Fluid Dynamics 101.