CFD Novice to Expert Part 5: Hands-on CFD

I bet you've had enough theory with our previous article "CFD Novice to Expert Part 4: CFD 101." Are you ready to fire up your CFD software for the first time and take it for a test drive? Then let's get on with part 5 of this 7-part series.

Pipe into a Box FlowPipe into a Box Flow Tutorial

Hands-on CFD

As a high-level overview of how a typical CFD analysis process (starting with geometry and finishing with flow results) relates to an actual CFD software system, try our aptly titled article "Overview: Geometry to Results."

By now I'm sure you are itching to take an actual CFD software system for a spin and, excuse my bias, I think in Caedium Professional we have the ideal CFD system for you to try free for 30 days.

As an example of Caedium Professional in action check out the screencast below. It shows a complete work flow from geometry creation to results visualization for a steady-state turbulent CFD simulation of air flow through a pipe into a box.

To get started with Caedium, review the "Essentials Manual," especially the section on Tools. Next consider working through a simple geometry creation tutorial, such as "Pipe into a Box" and then follow up with the associated flow simulation tutorial "Incompressible Flow Through a Pipe into a Box." Note both tutorials are shown in the screencast above.

Feel free to explore other tutorials too.

Stay tuned for part 6 - CFD For Your Application.