CFD Novice to Expert Reloaded

Did you miss our 7-part Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Novice to Expert series that ran last year? Or did you find it hard to navigate without an index? If so this post is for you.

Electronics Cooling CFD SimulationPerform Your Own CFD Simulations Like This

The CFD Novice to Expert series ran in weekly installments from April to June, 2010. Here's the missing index:

  1. Get Inspired - gentle preparation for the journey ahead
  2. Fluid Dynamics 101 - an introduction to fluid mechanics
  3. Fluid Dynamics 201 - more fluid mechanics
  4. CFD 101 - an introduction to CFD
  5. Hands-on CFD - hands-on with a free trial of Caedium Professional
  6. CFD for your Application - focus on a CFD analysis of your application
  7. CFD 201 - how best to use CFD within a product design cycle