CFD Support Worth Paying For

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software is not like other desktop applications, such as a word processor. Using a word processor to write a novel is usually undertaken without expecting that the word processor software vendor to also provide help constructing sentences and paragraphs. Yet in the CFD industry that is exactly the expectation (need) of CFD users, i.e., CFD users expect help from a CFD vendor on how to construct a model (sentences) and run a simulation (paragraphs).

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The CFD vendor's perspective is that users place a great deal of value on this help and recognize that it is worth paying money for. It turns out that support costs dwarf software costs in CFD. As an example, consider that OpenFOAM is freely available, yet there are a large number of profitable businesses that specialize in OpenFOAM training and support.

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Translating a fluid dynamics application into a CFD simulation is usually a non-trivial undertaking, which can seem insurmountable without expert help. Excellent support is always worth seeking out and paying for.