Computational Fluid Dynamics News Network

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Computational Fluid Dynamics News Network - CFDNN - the world's first 24/7 TV channel dedicated to all things CFD. Like other 24 hour news shows, CFDNN will provide an addictive mix of news, technology, weather, entertainment, gossip, opinion, movies, and sports, but all viewed through a CFD prism. I guarantee you'll never have seen anything like it.

Example of CFDNN TV: Redbot roving report


Tune in and be the first to hear about live breaking stories, such as real-time reporting of CFD simulations converging - iteration by iteration. See live 3D result updates while the simulations are running - no more waiting - you can have it all now, all the time.

Also be sure to subscribe to our live (and lively) telemetry Twitter feed if you are out and about and suffer from CFD separation anxiety.


Find out about the latest technology you can expect to see in the next releases of your favorite CFD apps. We will not shy away from vaporware and wild speculation. Our first scoop will uncover sketchy leaked details on a new ESP-based CFD technology - you think it, it will simulate it.


Surely you wouldn't expect anything less than extensive weather coverage? Weather forecasting is the most high-profile use of CFD that the general populous encounters, and yet all they do is complain when it's wrong. To set the record straight we are going to pioneer after-the-fact weather matching, i.e., given the actual historical weather we will attempt to match it by running CFD simulations and report back with perfect results. After all, matching CFD results with experimental results has served academia well for decades.


Catch up with all your favorite CFD celebrities in our nightly roundup of CFD entertainment. Who's moved where and who's suing who.

Navier-Stokes PortraitsNavier-Stokes: We are not equations

There will also be special CFD celebrity documentaries on such luminaries as Navier, Stokes, and Laplace - bet you thought they were just equations, right? Thanks to Ray Kurzweil's Wikipedia-to-Xtranormal Transhumanism process we'll be able to recreate anyone with a Wikipedia entry into a living virtual presence. Newton, Prandtl, and others are already virtually calling their agents to secure their own feature documentaries.


The human need for gossip is second only to our need for air and food. Rest assured CFDNN recognizes that gossip will keep viewers glued to their TV, and therefore we will exploit it shamelessly to attract high-paying advertisers. Wild unsubstantiated rumors will rule this segment, the more outrageous the better. Have you heard that CFD can be manipulated to produce answers counter to physics? Well that is just a crumb in the feast of gossip we'll be serving up.


Where is CFD heading? Who knows, but you can be sure we'll be here offering an opinion. If you don't like one opinion then wait a minute for the next - inspired by the New Hampshire weather. While we'll try to be fair and balanced in our opinionating it seems the current pattern of sever bias is a ratings winner, so excuse us if we start to take extreme views. Also you can rest assured that our advertisers will in no way sway our opinions - there will be a wall (poorly built I give you) between advertising and opinion. Remember it is our opinion that no matter what the CFD application, Caedium Professional is likely to give the best solution.


We have commissioned some of the best amateur YouTube video makers to re-edit your favorite fluid movies. Instead of enduring long boring scenes with actors talking we will be cutting straight to the chase and only showing scenes where the fluid is the star. Think James Cameron's classic Titanic reworked so the sea is the star. Instead of the stilted, wooden actors we'll be able to focus on the smooth flowing fluid scenes. Maybe with more camera time the fluid (the strong silent type) would have actually won the Oscar rather than merely receiving a nomination as did Kate Winslet. As an added bonus you'll be able to watch a whole roster of great fluid movies in one sitting.

Oscar Time

Also we will be promoting short independent CFD movies that we find by browsing YouTube, in a hope to bring budding directors and producers to the attention of Hollywood's power brokers, so we can finally get our own niche big-budget movies dedicated to fluids, minus the actors!


What news network would be complete without sports? While CFD is increasingly used to enhance sports performance (did I hear you say technology doping?), we will focus on the lesser known but highly contested sport of CFD one-upmanship. Here we are asking who has the largest compute cluster? Who has run the largest CFD simulation? The more extreme the more likely we'll cover it.

Coming Soon to a TV Near You

Just remember if it's CFD, or only obliquely or obtusely related to CFD, you will see it first on CFDNN, and likely nowhere else.


April Fools' 2011

I hope no-one was too disappointed to find out that this was an April Fools' hoax. If you want to keep up with legitimate CFD news then try:

watching cfd converge - it could be worse

Watching CFD converge would be like watching a NASA Channel spacewalk.

And it would perhaps be a useful service to include cage matches of turbulence model proponents.

I was really disappointed :(

I was really disappointed :( haha