Clipping Planes Reveal Even More Hidden CFD Secrets

Clipping planes are another tool to reveal hidden regions of your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) results.

CFD Simulation of an Air MultiplierCFD Simulation of an Air MultiplierVelocity iso-surfaces after using XYZ-clipping planes

Clipping planes, aligned with the three coordinate axes, can be used to interactively trim back your simulation to reveal hidden internal details.

Iso-Surfaces Before Using Clipping PlanesIso-Surfaces Before Using Clipping Planes

Each coordinate direction supports two planes for a total of six planes in a view to precisely localize the view of your results.

Iso-Surfaces After Using Z-Clipping PlaneIso-Surfaces After Using Z-Clipping Plane

Iso-Surfaces After Using YZ-Clipping PlaneIso-Surfaces After Using YZ-Clipping Planes


For more details on the Caedium simulation featured in this post see "Caedium v4 Sneak Peek: Idealized Dyson Air Multiplier CFD Simulation."