Colorful Fluid Dynamic Paint

Forget having a single paint color for your next vehicle purchase and instead go with Colorful Fluid Dynamic paint that changes color according to the airflow around your vehicle. Once only the domain of wind tunnels, pressure sensitive paint and the newly available air speed paint can produce stunning dynamic surface contours as you drive.

Colorful Fluid Dynamic Paint for Air SpeedColorful Fluid Dynamic Paint for Air Speed

The two new paints will be available as options on 2017 model year vehicles. These amazing paint options will display similar surface color contours popularized by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and often referred to as Colorful Fluid Dynamic[s].

Colorful Fluid Dynamic Paint for PressureColorful Fluid Dynamic Paint for Pressure

Aerodynamicists hope that the airflow visualization over the surface of the vehicle will provide a new appreciation for their, until now, invisible field.


Good Idea

I know this is an Aprils fools day joke, but this would be really cool looking, and would provide hours of driving enjoyment for engineers as they saw the effects of drafting distances crosswinds, etc.

April Fools' Day Confessional

For the full confession of this April Fools' Day jolly jape see "No Colorful Fluid Dynamic Paint Yet."