Cutting Planes Reveal Yet More Hidden CFD Secrets

Yet another way to reveal the hidden secrets of your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation is to create a face, usually a plane and often referred to as a cutting plane, to serve as a target for interpolated results.

HVAC CFD Simulation of a RoomHVAC CFD Simulation of a RoomVelocity vectors on two cutting planes

A cutting plane (though it is not just limited to be a plane in Caedium) can be used to display contours and vectors.

Velocity Contours on Two Cutting PlanesVelocity Contours on Two Cutting Planes

Also it can serve as a seed source for streamlines and can provide a dynamic view of your results if you choose to animate it.

Animated Velocity Vectors on Two Cutting Planes

Animated Velocity Contours on Two Cutting Planes