Dazzling Fluid Dress

The natural beauty of fluid flow is beyond doubt, just picture water vortices in a stream or smoke rising and mixing with the surrounding air. To reveal the intricacies of fluid flow in experiments, fluorescent dyes are often used. But what do you get when you weave tubes carrying pulses of fluorescent liquid into a dress? A dazzling display of light pulses.

Fluid DressFluid DressLicense: CC BY-NC 2.0, casual profanity

Charlie Bucket, the designer/inventor of the fluid dress, has been perfecting his new dress design technique for over 2 years.

Fluid Dress from Charlie Bucket on Vimeo.

The pulses of fluorescent liquid throughout the dress are controlled by an arrangement of small pumps and valves contained in a backpack. In the right lighting conditions the resulting look is akin to dancing neon lights rather than fluid flowing through 600 ft of plastic pipes.

How long before someone miniaturizes the pump and valves and takes the dress for a spin at the disco? No need for the glitter ball - the dress is the lightshow thanks to fluid dynamics.

Thanks to Boing Boing for shining a light on this fluid dress experiment.