Elephant Literally Collapses into a Puddle

What happens if by suspending the laws of physics an elephant was to instantaneously transform into water? Given that approximately 70% of an elephant is already water we just need to magically convert the remaining 30% - I'll leave that as your homework assignment. Then the results would probably look something like this Volume Of Fluid (VOF free-surface) Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation.

VOF Free Surface CFD SimulationElephant collapses into a puddle

A free surface simulation often starts with an initial region of water that collapses under gravity (e.g., a damp break) once we run the simulation . For fun and whimsy (after all it is the whimsy season) you can use any shape for your initial region of water, even an elephant!

CFD Initial Water PositionCFD Initial Water Position

This type of free surface simulation requires that you construct one volume within another, and connect all faces. Then you need to assign the initial alpha value of the inner volume to be water and the initial alpha value of the outer volume to be air, and run a transient simulation.

CFD Final Water PositionCFD Final Water Position