Esperanto For Computational Fluid Dynamics

Big news from Europe - a new European directive has just been passed that requires all software applications released in the European Union to support the Esperanto language by June 2012. This is part of a larger European directive mandating that all European countries are to adopt Esperanto as the Europe-wide common language by 2014.

Caedium in EsperantoCaedium in Esperanto

This new directive was a major coup for the Europe-Democracy-Esperanto (EDE) party, which failed to gain much support in the most recent European elections. So instead EDE tried a different tack, that ultimately proved much more successful, gaining employment in the European Civil Service and taking responsibility for drafting and skillfully maneuvering the Esperanto legislation through the tortuous European parliamentary approval process in record time.

Fear not Caedium users, we will be ready with a Caedium Esperanto translation as shown above. We anticipate that Caedium will be the only CFD software to be in full compliance with the Esperanto directive, thus ensuring Caedium's European users can continue their CFD simulations without interruptions.


Esperanto For Computational Fluid Dynamics

It's a pity that this is an April Fool's joke.

I love the graphics!


If you're really interested in Esperanto, take a look at

April Fools' Day

I'm sure no-one was taken in by this April Fools' Day post - you did check the date, right?

Just to be clear - there is no pending European directive mandating the adoption of Esperanto as the official European language.

However, this post does provide a sneak peek at the capabilities within the next version of Caedium (v4) to support internationalization.

For more entertaining 2012 April Fools' Day pranks see April Fools' Day On The Web. My favorite was the transformation of Google Maps to a retro 8-bit display.