Essential Apps To Compliment CFD

Enhance your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) experience by considering some additional, freely available, complimentary apps. Combined with your CFD software these apps form a complete toolset for maximizing your productivity and, dare I say it, make it fun?

EvernoteEvernoteIf it's good enough for Jamie Hyneman then it's good enough for CFD

  • Evernote - Keep track of your CFD simulation notes in a freeform format.
  • Google Sheets - Crunch your CFD results in a spreadsheet and then present them in plots, pie charts, bar charts etc.
  • Dropbox - Share your CFD simulations or access them remotely.
  • Google Remote Desktop - Monitor your live CFD simulations remotely on most devices from anywhere.
  • Google Hangouts - Discuss your CFD simulations with your colleagues in dispersed locations.