Fake Real Cutaway Models

I just had to follow up on my recent fake real wireframe post with a similar theme on cutaway models. As an engineer I've always found it fascinating to see how things work, and so when I come across cutaway schematics of planes, cars, engines, etc. happy am I. Better still if I find an actual physical cutaway. So for your enjoyment, but also for mine, check out the physical cutaway collection at Oobject.

Fake Cutaway MiniFake Cutaway Mini

Now the question arises whether a physical cutaway is fake or real? Surely real cutaways have to be the virtual models we see in CAD and CAE software, such as the Caedium model shown below.

Real Cutaway McLaren F1Real Cutaway McLaren F1: Clipped model in Caedium

So as with the fake-real wireframe debate, I conclude that the physical cutaway models are the fakes. They can't be real objects, they are mimicking the real cutaway models that reside in the virtual world.

Know of any other counterintuitive fake-real physical-virtual conundrums? Then please share.