Fake Real Transparent Car

I couldn’t resist writing about a real-world transparent car [source: Jalopnik], especially after already covering real-world cutaway and wireframe models. So you know the score, which is real and which is fake?

Transparent PontiacFake Transparent Car: Courtesy of RM Auctions

The fake plexi-glass car is a Pontiac built for the 1939-40 World’s Fair. The car was recently sold at auction for US$308,000. If that kind of money is a little beyond your means then you could always create a real virtual transparent car with Caedium Professional for a quite a bit less including a free 30-day test drive. As an added bonus you can also assess your creation's aerodynamic performance at no extra cost.

Airflow Around a Virtual Father's Day CarTransparent Virtual Car: Caedium Air Flow Simulation