Fluid News: F1 Construction, Hand Washer-Dryer, Superomniphobic Coating, and Robofish

Ready for more fluid news? Good, then feast your eyes on the construction of an F1 racecar, a hand washer and dryer combo from the future, fluid resistant coatings (imagine no more stains on your tux!), and a graceful gliding robofish.

F1 Racecar Construction the Red Bull Way

See How Red Bull's RB9 Race Car is Made in Fascinating New Video

Titled "RB9 Rhythm of the Factory," the video shows us fascinating details from the production of Infiniti Red Bull's new racing car, the RB9. Read more >>

You Will Dry Your Hands in the Sink in the Future

You know those Dyson hand dryers you're used to seeing in the bathrooms of airports, restaurants and hotels? The company unveiled on Monday a new way we'll likely dry our hands in the future - directly within the sink itself. Read more >>

Superomniphobic Material Vigorously Repels All Fluids

A team at the University of Michigan have developed a new coating for material that will repel both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids of just about any kind. They're calling it superomniphobic. Read more >>

Robofish Grace Glides with the Greatest of Ease

Michigan State University scientists have made a number of improvements to their robofish, including the ability to glide long distances, which is the most important change to date. The fish now has the ability to glide through the water practically indefinitely, using little to no energy, while gathering valuable data that can aid in the cleaning of lakes and rivers. Read more >>