Fluid Wrist Watch for a Fluid Dynamicist

Any fluid dynamicists out there searching for just the right wrist watch? Well the search is over, check out the HYT H1 [source: Gizmodo] fluid-themed watch from "The Hydro Mechanical Horologists" - try saying that after too much fluid!

Following a similar idea to the dazzling fluid dress, the H1 pumps a fluorescent liquid around a tube to indicate the hour. The H1's fluid pump (a small bellows) is powered and controlled by a special mechanical clockwork mechanism. And to observe these intricate inner workings it also has prime viewing areas front and back. The problem with the H1 is that at US$45,000 you might find it hard to not also consider another fluid-themed device, such as a sports car!


Real Fluid Watch

Check out the real working watch:

[Source: Jeweller]