Go Full Circle With CFD

There is a certain circular symmetry to the process by which you can perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations on a computer, which is also due in part to CFD.

CFD Performed for a Dust CollectorCFD Performed for a Dust Collector


The design of a modern computer owes a lot to CFD. The CPU, power supply, and storage all have operational temperature bounds that are typically met by using forced convection of either air or water. In such cases it should come as no surprise that CFD is a primary aid to help determine the placement of computer components and cooling fans.

CFD Electronics Cooling SimulationCFD Electronics Cooling Simulation


Once computers are assembled they have to be transported to the end users. Their transportation will likely involve one or more of the following: aircraft, ship, train, or truck. For each method, aerodynamics or hydrodynamics is a major efficiency concern where CFD plays an important role.

CFD Simulation of the Airflow Around a TruckCFD Simulation of the Airflow Around a TruckGeometry courtesy of Nectar Design


Once delivered the computer requires a controlled environment to operate efficiently whether it is in an office or a datacenter. Yet again CFD plays a crucial role in the development of the HVAC system to ensure both the humans and computers can cohabitate comfortably.

HVAC CFD Simulation of a RoomHVAC CFD Simulation of a Room


The final piece in the computer puzzle is the provision of electricity. Whether it is by turbines - steam (nuclear and coal), water (hydro), gas (natural gas), or wind - all are invariably designed with the aid of CFD. Even solar panels benefit from CFD to ensure their siting is safe relative to wind loads.

CFD Simulation of the Airflow Over Roof Mounted Solar PanelsCFD Simulation of the Airflow Over Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Full Circle

So there it is, the full virtuous circle of CFD to help you perform CFD on your computer.