The Jetpack You're Looking For

A jetpack from Martin Aircraft has taken flight and reached an impressive 5000 ft. Technically it's a twin rotor ducted fan, so it isn't really a jet but you get the idea. However, this is the jetpack you're looking for.

Other impressive characteristics that makes this jetpack stand out from the previous generation of steam-powered rocket belts is that it has a 30-minute duration and can reach a cruise speed of 62 mph. For this test flight the ever reliable Elmo test dummy (a clone of Elmo the rocket test dummy) was employed to man (dummy?) the controls, with the actual pilot remotely directing the jetpack in a chase helicopter.

The proliferation of unmanned aerial vehicles for military applications means that the remote controlled jetpack may prove more popular than the manned version. All this time waiting for a jetpack and it might be too late for us humans - instead they may be reserved for dummies like Elmo.

Thanks goes to TechNewsDaily for highlighting Elmo's successful flight.