LinkedIn Group Discussions Linked to CFD Market Reports

A recent report "Global Computational Fluid Dynamics Market 2010-2014" caught my attention. This report and a number of similar CFD market reports from Infiniti Research on their TechNavio website bare an uncanny resemblance (based on their titles and summaries) to a series of questions and discussion in the LinkedIn group Computational Fluid Dynamics.

The idea that some LinkedIn questions formed the basis of at least two of these reports is based on the fact that the questions were seeded by a Research Associate at, wait for it, Infiniti Research. These TechNavio reports purport to provide analysis and forecasts on various dimensions of the CFD market. However, to get access to each full report requires $1,500, even if you participated in the LinkedIn discussions (which I did) that contributed to the reports.

If you are interested in this new approach to market research using LinkedIn group discussions then consider:


Basis for another CFD Market Report maybe?

Is there a "Global CFD Aerospace Market 2010-2014" report in the TechNavio pipeline?

I just came across another LinkedIn discussion seeded by another Research Analyst at Infiniti Research and titled:
"CFD in Aerospace Industry. Can anyone help me understand the CFD tools used by the Aerospace and Defence Industries..?? As per my understanding, around 45% CFD licenses are sold by Ansys, around 20% by CD-Adapco, while Mentor Graphics, Blueridge (now acquired by AutoCAD) and Flow Science have 10% or lower market share..
However for the Aerospace industry, i read that most of the CFD tools used are developed by NASA, ONERA and the DLR. Does this mean commercially available CFD tools are not very popular in the Aerospace and Defence industry..??
Would really appreciate if anyone can give me some clear idea of the most popular CFD tools for the Aerospace and Defence Industries. Thanks"

Electronics Cooling CFD Report Possibility?

Another Research Analyst from Infiniti Research seeded the LinkedIn discussion titled:
"Between CD-Adapco's STAR-CCM+ and Mentor Grpahic's FloTHERM, which is more suitable and accepted for electronic CFD application..??"

Global CFD Aerospace Market report based on LinkedIn Discussion

CFD Market in Electronics Report Based on LinkedIn Discussion

CFD Market

Is the blog on the size of the CFD overall market still up. I cannot find it.