Fluid News: Giant Blimp, F1, Hydro-Turbines, Microfluidics, and Cyclones

Are you ready for a blast of fluid news? Then feast your eyes on these stories of a new blimp-like aircraft, the concept design phase of an F1 car, a hydro-turbine, microfluidics, and affordable workshop cyclones.

Not a Blimp, Not a Plane: The Gigantic Aeroscraft Is Ready, and It’s Awesome

This is a new type of rigid aircraft. It's not a blimp, and it's not an airplane, but this thing has the potential to alter the way we understand travel and completely change military transportation. Read more >>

How to Make an F1 Car, Part 1: The Conceptual Design Stage

When the Formula 1 season ends, the wider public probably believes the teams can have a few weeks' well-earned rest. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read more >>

Compact ROR Hydropower Generator for Use in Rivers and Streams

Cappa is a small hydropower generator designed to be used in natural water flows such as rivers and waterways. Read more >>

Tiny Tools Help Advance Medical Discoveries

Mechanical engineers at MIT are designing tools to image and analyze cellular dynamics at the micro- and nanoscale. Such tools, including microfluidics, membrane technology and metamaterials, may help scientists better characterize and develop therapies for cancer and other complex diseases. Read more >>

The Quest for an Affordable Dust-Collecting Cyclone, Part 1: Which to Buy?

There are a bunch of cyclones on the market, but which to buy? Within a modest budget three options emerged: Oneida's Dust Deputy, ClearVue's Mini CV06 and Rockler's Dust Right Vortex. Read more >>