No Colorful Fluid Dynamic Paint Yet

I'm sure you realized that the post on Colorful Fluid Dynamic Paint published on April Fools' Day was more than a coincidence. Full confession - Colorful Fluid Dynamic Paint is fake. However, if we ever do get something like it, I'll be first in line to try it!

CFD Simulation of Air Speed Surface ContoursCFD Simulation of Air Speed Surface Contours

In the meantime why not try out your own fake (though we prefer to call it virtual) Colorful Fluid Dynamic Paint within the confines of your computer using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)? For that extra layer of realism (glossy highlights and shadows) then try creating a ray-traced image.


  • Original geometry courtesy of the DrivAer Model from Technische Universität München, Institute of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics.
  • The CFD simulation to produce the fake Colorful Fluid Dynamic Paint was performed using Caedium.
  • The ray-traced images in the original post were created by POV-Ray.
  • For an exhaustive and exhausting list of this year's pranks see April Fools' Day On The Web.