Questionable Approach Reverse

After a thorough design review I decided to reverse the Questionable Approach applied to the Caedium interface described in "Counterintuitive Usability With The Questionable Approach". I think the April Fools' Day reality distortion field got the better of me. Rest assured that the next release of Caedium will have a new set of gorgeous different icons to compliment the new ribbon-like interface.

Normality RestoredNormality Restored

What were the best April Fools' pranks you found?

My favorite was a software interface study called "Mobile Usability for Cats: Essential Design Principles for Felines" from the Nielsen Norman Group.

As with every April Fools' Day in recent years Google also excelled at coming up with some great pranks, such as the Google Maps treasure map.

If you are interested in an exhaustive (and exhausting!) list of pranks then try April Fools' Day On The Web.