Remote CFD is Easy

You know how it is - you are away from the office and you are desperate to check in on a series of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations you are running back at your base. Then once the simulations finish you'd like to take a moment to look at each one with all the benefits of hardware accelerated graphics on your laptop, while still enjoying your latte at Starbucks. Well you can do both today without any extra outlay using Caedium and free apps from Google - let me describe how.

Caedium Professional Running Remotely in a Web BrowserCaedium Professional Running Remotely in a Web Browser

Chrome Remote Desktop

You can use Chrome Remote Desktop to share your computer desktop with any other computer running the Chrome web browser, even an Android tablet/phone. Once you've set up your desktop sharing you can launch a Caedium simulation in the normal manner and then while out and about you can periodically check in on its progress by remotely viewing your desktop and your live simulation.

Remote File Access

Using Google Drive (or equivalent such as Dropbox) installed on your computers you can view and edit the same files no matter which computer you are using. For example, having completed a series of simulations on your office computer, you can now access those same simulations on your laptop while on the road.

Caedium Free Viewer

You probably already know that you need a Caedium Professional subscription for creating and running simulations on a single computer, but did you also know that you can download and install Caedium on as many computers as you like and use it as a free viewer? With the remote file access provided by Google Drive you can open Caedium project files and view the results in full hardware accelerated graphics wherever you may roam for free.

Free Caedium CFD ViewerFree Caedium CFD Viewer