Website Redesign

For a new year, a new website design. If you are a regular visitor to our website you may have noticed some changes, at least I hope you have! Just in case you need some hints, how about a summary of the changes?

Old WebsiteOut with the old...

New Website...and in with the new

  • More appealing, modern look, including more colors with a blue and green theme in the header, footer, and side panels
  • Increased content area with a wider default width
  • Easier navigation with a new main navigation bar that includes drop-down menus
  • Intuitive placement of an integrated search box on the main navigation bar
  • Teasers and summaries have clearer individual titles, surrounded by a border
  • More streamlined homepage
  • More intuitive feedback-based forums with new categories: questions, ideas, and problems
  • Rate your favorite forum posts and review ratings tables for each forum category
  • How to quickly get Caedium up and running with a new "Get Started with Caedium" page
  • More obvious free trial links as buttons

How did we do? Is there anything we missed?