Screencast of Transient Air Flow Over a Pitching Wing

This screencast shows an entire simulation performed using our Caedium Professional add-on; starting with geometry creation, motion specification, and physics definition, and finishing with transient 3D pressure coefficient contours on the wing surface. Using our intuitive drag-and-drop tools you'll see how simple and easy it is to simulate air flow within our Caedium unified simulation environment.


Try For Yourself

Note the screencast uses an old version of Caedium (formerly SymLab), so if you want to follow along prior to starting the example you'll need to:

  1. Right-click on the View Window (view) background, double-click sim, and then select Properties from the menu. Select the Simulation tab in the Properties Panel. Expand the Time property and change the Duration to 10 s.
  2. Ignore the Transient tool on the Physics Tool Palette which has been removed. Instead select Substance->Air on the Physics Tool Palette and then in the Properties Panel set the State properties as follows:
    • Compressible = No
    • Heat Transfer = No
    • Rotational = No
    • Transient = Yes
    • Viscous = No

For a similar simulation try the detailed tutorial "Flow Over an Airfoil."

The sym project file for this example can be viewed in Caedium. To replay the transient simulation archive you will need to use our Transient add-on.

The most convenient way to view and edit this case is to use our Professional add-on that combines all the add-ons used during this screencast.