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Enhanced CFD Simulations with Conjugate Heat Transfer and Passive Species Transport

The highlight of the latest Caedium (v6.0) release is an enhanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) heat transfer capability with multi-domain support for fluids and solids, known as Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT). Also Caedium can now simulate the dispersal of secondary species (e.g., smoke or dye) in a primary fluid, known as passive species (or scalar) transport.

Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) Through and Around a Heat SinkConjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) Through and Around a Heat Sink
Simulation shows air vectors and floor colored by temperature

Improved Heat Transfer and Bullet Time for CFD Simulations

The highlights of the latest Caedium (v5.2) release are an improved heat transfer capability incorporating radiation and the option to create 'bullet time' animations for particles.

Radiation Field Created in CaediumRadiation Field Created in Caedium

Helix Creation for CFD Simulations

The latest version of Caedium (v5.1) has a new Helix tool for your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations and improved mesh element size control.

Caedium CFD Simulation of Streamlines around a Helical Strakes ChimneyCaedium CFD Simulation of Streamlines around a Helical Strakes ChimneyStrakes created using new Helix tool

Automate CFD Simulations with Python Scripting

The latest release of Caedium (v5.0) introduces Python scripting for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to automate repetitive tasks and perform parameter studies. This release also has a new Caedium tabbed toolbar GUI which is a more intuitive way to interact with and control your CFD simulations, along with a host of other enhancements.

Caedium v5.0 in ActionCaedium v5 in ActionScripted CFD Simulation for a Wind Direction Sweep (high resolution version)

Caedium CFD Simulations Help F1 in Schools World Champions

Cold Fusion, the Australian National F1 in Schools champions, are now the 2012 F1 in Schools World Champions. The team used Caedium Professional CFD simulations to optimize the aerodynamics of their world beating CO2 dragster and by all accounts to great effect!

Cold Fusion Team and Booth Display Cold Fusion Team at their Booth

Asetek Performs Extreme Caedium CFD Simulations at SC12

Asetek Inc. will perform an extreme live demonstration of its state-of-the-art power efficient HPC cluster at SC12 in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 12-15, 2012. To demonstrate their groundbreaking liquid cooling technology, Asetek chose to fully load their showcase cluster by running multiple parallel Caedium Professional CFD simulations.

Simulate Free Surface Flows Using a Volume of Fluid CFD Solver

The latest release of Caedium (v4.0) can perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations for free surfaces, such as those that form between water and air around a ship's hull. Also the new version of Caedium contains an extensive array of other enhancements that will help you efficiently simulate more physically realistic phenomena.

Caedium VOF CFD Simulation for Wigley HullCaedium VOF CFD Simulation for Wigley HullHigh resolution image

Nimbis Services Advances Cloud-Based CFD Simulations with Caedium CFD Accelerator

MCLEAN, VA, March 26, 2012 - Nimbis Services, Inc. announces the beta release of their on-demand Caedium CFD Accelerator cloud product, the first of two Caedium-based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) service products running on Microsoft’s Windows Azure® cloud platform. Caedium, by Symscape, is a complete desktop CFD workflow environment with an easy to use graphical user interface integrated with OpenFOAM®1 CFD solvers. Nimbis extends the use of Caedium beyond the desktop to the Windows Azure cloud with on-demand access and pay-as-you-go billing through a convenient and unique ecommerce technical computing marketplace. Examples of CFD models frequently analyzed with Caedium include airflow over a moving car or an aircraft wing, and water flow through pipes.

Caedium CFD Animation Featured as an Art Exhibit at the Barbican

On November 24, 2011, Off Modern LATE at the Barbican featured a Caedium Professional CFD animation video of the air flow through a model of the Barbican. The event was part of the OMA/Progress exhibition and featured music by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Barbican Art Exhibit based on Caedium CFD Animation
For the full effect try the high definition video at full screen

Hybrid CFD Modeling and Cloud Computing

The latest release of Caedium (v3.0) can now create and perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations using hybrid models that mix faceted geometry (e.g., Google SketchUp models) with analytic geometry (e.g., CAD models). Also Caedium now has the option to use the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud service to perform CFD simulations.

CFD Simulation of Hybrid Geometry Model Performed by AzureCFD Simulation of Hybrid Geometry Model Performed by AzureUAV model from SketchUp

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