Asetek Performs Extreme Caedium CFD Simulations at SC12

Asetek Inc. will perform an extreme live demonstration of its state-of-the-art power efficient HPC cluster at SC12 in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 12-15, 2012. To demonstrate their groundbreaking liquid cooling technology, Asetek chose to fully load their showcase cluster by running multiple parallel Caedium Professional CFD simulations.

Asetek's choice of Caedium Professional for this extreme demonstration was based on the availability of Caedium's flexible subscriptions and, most importantly, the ability to run unlimited Caedium CFD simulations with unlimited parallel processes.

Caedium CFD Simulation: Open wheel racecar streamlinesCaedium CFD Simulation: Open wheel racecar streamlines

The extreme cluster has 184 CPUs with a total of 1472 cores. To fully load such a large cluster it requires approximately 80 instances of Caedium running parallel CFD cases simultaneously.

This cluster consumes 37kW while running the Caedium CFD simulations at full load, but it saves 22kW compared to traditional chilled air cooling methods. Commenting on the warm water cooling RackCDU™ system Asetek CEO Andre Eriksen said:

"Seeing is believing and with this SC12 demonstration on the show floor we will show in real time the value proposition of our system and how efficient liquid cooling really is. What we are showing is unheard of density and performance while being as environmentally friendly as possible."

Formal presentations and live demonstrations will be available at Asetek’s SC12 booth #4045.

Asetek press release: Asetek to Demonstrate RackCDU™ Liquid Cooled 48U HPC Cluster at SC12