Caedium CFD Animation Featured as an Art Exhibit at the Barbican

On November 24, 2011, Off Modern LATE at the Barbican featured a Caedium Professional CFD animation video of the air flow through a model of the Barbican. The event was part of the OMA/Progress exhibition and featured music by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Barbican Art Exhibit based on Caedium CFD Animation
For the full effect try the high definition video at full screen

In collaboration with artist Rob Chavasse, the Caedium animation was an ideal fit with the event's stated theme:

"Off Modern presents a night of sound, visuals and performances by artists, filmmakers, designers and musicians engaged in deconstructing the spatial experience and architecture of the Barbican, and mapping futuristic scenarios."

For Rob's CFD animation exhibit the focus was on aesthetics as opposed to realistic physics. However, the only liberty taken with the physics was to invert gravity so that buoyancy-driven regions tended to sink to the floor and flow around the labyrinthine corridors and spaces. The alcove walls and central pillars were assigned temperature sources to encourage interesting recirculation flows.

The automated movie creation in Caedium used POV-Ray to render each of the 390 frames in high definition. The animation shows the development of temperature-scaled velocity vectors (represented by triangles) for a transient CFD simulation.