Caedium Replaces SymLab

We have renamed SymLab to Caedium after a request from the trademark holder of Symlabs. Functionally Caedium is identical to SymLab.

To keep current with Caedium development, we recommend that all existing users of SymLab uninstall their current version of SymLab and install Caedium from our "Product Downloads." You will also need to re-enter your activation license using the Product Activation wizard that is launched when you select Help->Activate Product... in Caedium.

Windows users can uninstall by selecting Start Menu->All Programs->SymLab->Uninstall SymLab.

Linux users can uninstall by selecting Applications->System Tools->Manage 3rd party software. In the dialog, set Select the application you want to uninstall and click "Remove" to All Applications. From the list, select SymLab Professional add-on and click the Remove button. Perform the same operation to remove SymLab.