Caedium v1.2 Released for Linux and Windows

We are pleased to announce our latest Caedium release (v1.2) now supports Linux as well as Windows. Caedium is a unified simulation environment which can be extended using add-ons, such as our Professional add-on, into a complete Computer-Aided Engineering system for fluid flow analysis.

Caedium and our Professional add-on on LinuxCaedium and our Professional add-on on Linux

As well as supporting Linux, the latest release of Caedium and its add-ons includes a number of new enhancements, outlined below.


Arrange multiple geometry views alongside multiple plots with our new multi-pane window layout manager by simply dragging and dropping windows within the main Caedium workspace area.

Color 3D Stereoscopic Anaglyph Created by CaediumColor 3D Stereoscopic Anaglyph Created by Caedium

Create real-time, color 3D stereoscopic images for red-cyan glasses.

Caedium Builder

Create primitive shapes, such as spheres, at multiple geometry centers using a single drag and drop operation.

Multiple Spheres at Geometry CentersMultiple Spheres at Geometry Centers

Align multiple geometry entities with reference to a geometry center using our new translation alignment tool.

Caedium Transient

Create avi movies from a sequence of time-dependent geometry views or plots using our new movie recorder.

Caedium Panel Flow

Use our enhanced geometry accuracy feature to control the simulation resolution on unconnected geometry within a simulation (e.g., on an airfoil surface).

Higher Resolution around Unconnected EdgeHigher Resolution around Unconnected Edge

Caedium Professional

The entire set of Caedium add-ons, including these new enhancements, is available in our Professional add-on.

Free Trials

Our software is available to download and install directly from our website. We offer free 30-day trials and affordable subscriptions for Caedium add-ons.