Helix Creation for CFD Simulations

The latest version of Caedium (v5.1) has a new Helix tool for your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations and improved mesh element size control.

Caedium CFD Simulation of Streamlines around a Helical Strakes ChimneyCaedium CFD Simulation of Streamlines around a Helical Strakes ChimneyStrakes created using new Helix tool

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Helix Creation

Using the new Helix tool you can create cylindrical or conical helices for your CFD simulations. For example, combined with the improved Sweep tool you can now sweep an edge along a helix to produce a strake for a chimney as shown in the simulation above.

Improved Mesh Element Sizing

With the improved mesh element sizing for the Accuracy tool you can now be confident that the mesh size is locally bounded around the geometry with the applied mesh size constraint.

Mesh Size Geometry BoundingMesh Size Geometry BoundingMesh size around edge (red), previous sizing (left) compared to new bounded sizing (right)