Improved Heat Transfer and Bullet Time for CFD Simulations

The highlights of the latest Caedium (v5.2) release are an improved heat transfer capability incorporating radiation and the option to create 'bullet time' animations for particles.

Radiation Field Created in CaediumRadiation Field Created in Caedium

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More accurately simulate heat transfer where radiant effects are significant with the new radiation option in Caedium. Select from either the Discrete Ordinance or P1 radiation models.

Bullet Time

Mimic the bullet time effect popularized in the Matrix movie using Caedium. You can now freeze a particle animation and continue to move a camera.

'Bullet Time' Caedium Animation


Try the latest NVIDIA Tesla accelerators with the Caedium CUDA GPU linear solver option using CUDA 5.5.

Caedium Using CUDA GPU Linear SolversCaedium Using CUDA GPU Linear Solvers

Subsystem Update

Realize faster and more robust operations with major updates to all the Caedium subsystems: Open Cascade, OpenFOAM®, VTK, and wxWidgets.

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