Nimbis Services Advances Cloud-Based CFD Simulations with Caedium CFD Accelerator

MCLEAN, VA, March 26, 2012 - Nimbis Services, Inc. announces the beta release of their on-demand Caedium CFD Accelerator cloud product, the first of two Caedium-based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) service products running on Microsoft’s Windows Azure® cloud platform. Caedium, by Symscape, is a complete desktop CFD workflow environment with an easy to use graphical user interface integrated with OpenFOAM®1 CFD solvers. Nimbis extends the use of Caedium beyond the desktop to the Windows Azure cloud with on-demand access and pay-as-you-go billing through a convenient and unique ecommerce technical computing marketplace. Examples of CFD models frequently analyzed with Caedium include airflow over a moving car or an aircraft wing, and water flow through pipes.

Nimbis Services' Caedium CFD Accelerator is designed to make cloud-based technical computing of CFD simulations more widely available by lowering the boundaries including cost, access, and ease of use of technical computing in the cloud. Beta users will have access to a free shared trial deployment for the first month of the beta program for initial evaluation. Beta users may also order a dedicated pay-as-you-go Azure deployment.

Target users include existing Caedium users, existing OpenFOAM users looking for an easier user interface with on-demand cloud scalability, and CFD analysts looking for an as-needed on-demand service for submitting multiple parallel CFD simulations for parametric searching. Each cloud deployment supports queuing of simulation jobs for sharing across a project team.

"Providing a dedicated web portal to manage the Azure cloud billing and configuration for Caedium CFD simulations is a welcome improvement over the previous complicated Azure configuration process. With Caedium CFD Accelerator from Nimbis, our users will now have an easy and straightforward way to access virtually unlimited computing resources. The service will free our users from onsite computing constraints allowing them to consider more product design options in less time, significantly reducing their product development costs and improving their final product performance" said Dr. Richard Smith, Principal, Symscape.

"Caedium is an important addition to our technical computing marketplace that is targeting small and medium sized companies. Microsoft was very supportive in integrating our marketplace with their Azure cloud offering" said Robert Graybill, President and CEO of Nimbis Services.

About Nimbis Services, Inc. - Nimbis offers an innovative technical computing marketplace to the cloud computing industry. Nimbis provides a suite of brokerage and ecommerce web services that connects clients with third-party high performance computing (HPC) resources, commercial application software, and domain-specific expertise. Nimbis provides low-risk, low-effort, on-demand, "pay-as-you go" access to HPC for users that are currently unable to move beyond technical computing on the desktop.

About Symscape - Symscape's Caedium software provides an affordable, unified simulation environment for 3D fluid flow analysis and visualization on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Caedium uses state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate the fluid flow and heat transfer around 3D models. Caedium combines intuitive drag and drop model configuration with affordable pricing to bring CFD within the reach of everyone.

1OpenFOAM is a registered trademark of OpenCFD and is unaffiliated with Symscape and Nimbis.