OpenFOAM 1.7.x Upgrade for Caedium

The OpenFOAM®1 solvers and utilities used by the latest release of Caedium (v2.3) RANS Flow and Professional add-ons have been upgraded to OpenFOAM 1.7.x from 1.6.x on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also the unsteady incompressible flow solvers in Caedium now use the PIMPLE algorithm instead of the PISO algorithm. PIMPLE has better stability for large time steps compared to PISO.

Unsteady Buoyancy Driven Flow: Using new PIMPLE algorithm

Other highlights of the new Caedium v2.3 release include:

  • Continuous wall functions are now the default for high-Reynolds-number (wall function) turbulence models. Continuous wall functions provide better accuracy over standard wall functions.
  • The default media player is launched after writing an animation file (.avi) on Windows and Mac, which is a more flexible option than the previous Caedium dialog that offered a limited embedded media player
  • Various bug fixes

Existing Caedium users will receive this update free through our automated update system. New users are welcome to try these enhancements with our free 30-day trials.


1. OpenFOAM is a registered trademark of OpenCFD and is unaffiliated with Symscape.