Simulate Free Surface Flows Using a Volume of Fluid CFD Solver

The latest release of Caedium (v4.0) can perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations for free surfaces, such as those that form between water and air around a ship's hull. Also the new version of Caedium contains an extensive array of other enhancements that will help you efficiently simulate more physically realistic phenomena.

Caedium VOF CFD Simulation for Wigley HullCaedium VOF CFD Simulation for Wigley HullHigh resolution image

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Volume of Fluid (VOF)

The new multiphase capability in Caedium uses a VOF solver to simulate the interaction between 2 immiscible fluids and the free surface between them. Applications for which VOF is well suited include:

  • Maritime flows, e.g., the combined water and air flow around a ship's hull
  • Environmental water flow, e.g., tank filling, wastewater management, spillways, weirs

More Physics

Caedium MRF CFD SimulationCaedium MRF CFD SimulationLeft: Stationary, Right: MRF

Improved Performance

  • Run larger simulations on Mac OS X with a 64-bit version of Caedium
  • Turn simulations around faster with more aggressive default parallel preferences
  • Use Windows HPC Scheduler services in Azure without an on-premise installation of Windows HPC Server

Caedium Running as a 64-bit Application Under OS XCaedium Running as a 64-bit Application Under OS X

Better Visualization

New Particle TypesNew Particle Types: Tetrahedra and planar arrows


Caedium CFD Results Imported into ixForten 4000
Caedium CFD Results Imported into ixForten 4000Model: courtesy of SobreSaliente Ltda