Textbook Cover Model by Caedium

A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of an open wheel racecar, created using Caedium Professional and rendered by POV-Ray, was selected as the front and back cover of the popular textbook Fox and McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 8th Edition, Philip J. Pritchard.

Introduction to Fluid MechanicsIntroduction to Fluid Mechanics:Textbook cover

Using the geometry creation and fixing tools in Caedium Professional, the original imported racecar geometry was modified in order to represent the volume of air surrounding the car. By assuming a symmetric car and flow field, only half of the flow volume was required for the CFD simulation, which was then mirrored for visualization.

Open Wheel Race Car Wake StreamlinesOriginal Image

The image chosen by Wiley, the publisher, was rendered in POV-Ray (a photo-realistic ray-tracer) at high resolution. The final image shows contours on the surface of the racecar colored by velocity magnitude and streamlines (ribbons) released from the wheels and the rear of the car also colored by velocity magnitude.

For more details on the CFD simulation see "Open Wheel Race Car CFD Analysis."